1U Шасси интегрированной платформы DWDM 48x10G

Артикул: OTNS8600 P
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OTNS8600 P (Integrated DWDM Equipment)

With the rapid development of informatization and automation processes in various industries, large bandwidth services are emerging endlessly and the demand for centralized and unified management is growing urgently. Therefore, the basic capacity of the transmission pipeline must be upgraded. Simple network planning, rapid service deployment, smooth bandwidth upgrade, and convenient maintenance operation will be the core needs of industry customers building their enterprise information network.

The OTNS8600 P-type all-optical convergence equipment independently researched and developed by Sintai Communication Co., Ltd based on photonic integration technology can build networks in transmission capacity of 80G, 160G, 400G, and 480G in batches. It can eliminate the complex optical layer configuration and reduce the tedious connection of optical fibers. OTNS 8600 P is very much like a switch which can be easily connected and start to work. It builds network rapidly and is simple to maintain. Thus it can perfectly meet the needs of industry customers in metropolitan transmission.

Performance Parameters

Technical indicators

Product Model

OTNS8600 P

Equipment size

1U: 44 mm (Height)×442 mm (Width)×560 mm (D epth)

Single equipment max transmission capacity


Single port max transmission rate


Supported service type


100M~10G all kinds of services, including services of STM-1/4/16/64, OC-3/12/48/192, FE, GE, 10GE, FC100/200/400/800/1200, FICON, ESCON,CPRI 1/2/3/6/7

Clock features

Support IEEE 1588 V2

Network topology

Point to point, chain type, star type,


Backup and protection

Network    level protection


Support line side 1+1 protection

Equipment level protection

  • Power supply backup

  • Fan backup


"19" or 23" cabinets,600mm cabinets

Working temperature range

- 10 ℃~60 ℃ (typical)

Working humidity range

5~95% no condensation

Storage temperature range


Heat dissipation

Fan cooling

Power supply mode

AC: 90~260V (support 1+1 backup power input)

Power consumption

400W (typical)

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